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Winter skincare tips!

We are now deep in the middle of winter and here are some tips to consider for your winter skincare routine. Our skin is a living, breathing organ and it is normal for its needs to change through the different seasons and through the years. Make a habit of observing your skin so you can make sure your are always giving it the best care through the products you use on it.

Here are some factors that affect our skin during winter, well a couple that are obvious, the colder temperatures and the dryer air particularly in New Zealand. Other factors include the use of dehumidifiers, heaters, taking hotter showers can deplete our skin of moisture and hydration.

Winter is certainly a time when we could use some extra nourishment in our self care rituals and nurturing. It's an opportunity where we can show ourselves some quality time, kindness and self compassion through beautiful products made for you!

  1. Moisture is key

You will always see and hear me promote that moisture is key. Moisture is one of the main building blocks for healthy, strong skin.

Underneath the stratum corneum which is the top layer of our epidermis , sits layers of fats that consist of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Now underneath this layer, the skin cells are bound by a strong almost 100% waterproof protein bond. So due to this strong waterproof barrier, the stratum corneum which are technically dead skin cells, loose moisture very quickly, especially during the winter months.

Having oily skin can be an underlying issue of dry and dehydrated skin so make sure you are using a moisturiser morning and evening for your skin type.

How can we look after the moisture retention in our skin?

  • Milky type cleansers are much more gentle and nourishing which are perfect during winter. These types of cleansers will not strip your skin of moisture but will actually help restore moisture in your skin, leaving it feeling soft and plump. Consider using this type of cleanser in your morning routine.

  • Using the correct face cream for your skin type morning and evening will support the balance of moisture in your skin, which supports the strength of your skin barrier.

  • Here is an idea for a hydrating and moisturising face masque you can do at home with our milky cleanser. I apply 3-4 pumps in my palm, mix a little bit of either our deep cleanse clay masque into it, or a few drops of one of our serums (Hyaluronic acid boost serum or coq10). Leave it on the face for 10 minutes while you go and make yourself a beautiful cup of herbal tea. Rinse off thoroughly or wipe off with a soft cloth.

2. Hydration is key

Both hydration and moisture are important for your skin health. Underneath that waterproof layer in our skin where the protein bonds join the skin cells together is water. Humans are made up of approximately 60% water. However because the protein bonds that join those skin cells in the stratum granulosum layer are so strong, the water underneath poses a challenging task to get up to the top layers of our epidermis. Therefore we need to help our skin by giving it not just moisture but HYDRATION.

How can we do this?

  • Use a humidifier in the rooms you work and sleep in (the air is incredibly dry in New Zealand during winter, so this can greatly help the hydration in your skin) We keep ours going through the night in our rooms. Humidifiers also improve the air quality in your home.

  • Our organic hydrosol toners are a lovely way to hydrate your skin and balance pH levels as well. Spritz your face a few times through the day while at your desk or in your car.

  • The hydrosol toners above used together with our hyaluronic acid boost serum is a great way of infusing your skin with hydration. Use the toner as a base before applying the serum on top. Apply the serum while your face is damp from the toner.

  • Just before bed apply our cooling and soothing eye gel with green coffee bean extract. Keep one of our eye gel roller vials by your bedside table, apply to the eyes and enjoy the cooling sensation while you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Your eyes have been working hard for you all day, looking at screens, your mobile and intently reading and working. Give them some TLC (tender loving care).

3. Hands and cuticles

The ever neglected hands and cuticles! Our hands work so hard for us and they can be one of the most neglected parts of the skin in our body and because of this, one of the most dehydrated parts of the skin on our body.

How can we better take care of our hands?

  • Use our hand cream or hand lotion regularly throughout the day. Don't forget the cuticles. Massage the cream or lotion into your cuticles.

  • Use sunscreen (at least spf 30) on your hands each day. Our hands and our face are one of the most exposed parts of our body to UV rays. Keep some sunscreen in your car and apply to your hands each time you hop into it.

  • Use our body scrubs to exfoliate your hands 3 x a week. Exfoliation will help buff and polish your skin to reveal newer skin cells underneath. Your skin will love you for it! In fact use our body scrubs for an all over exfoliation especially for those other neglected places like the knees, our elbows, and our feet. Don't forget to moisturise all over. When you are fresh out of the shower, our luscious nourish body oil applied to damp skin will help your skin lock in that hydration.

  • Just before bed I use our body oil to apply onto my cuticles, to keep them strong and healthy.

4. Hard working feet!

  • Bless your feet by giving them a good old foot soak in hot water with a couple of tablespoons of the dead sea salt. Use our body scrub for the heels of your feet to remove dead skin cells. After drying your feet, finish off by applying our calendula and kawakawa balm or magnesium lotions and give yourself a nurturing foot massage.

You can even include your ankles and calves in the process. Take some deep breaths and remind yourself how hard you work through the week and that you deserve to pamper yourself in this way.

5. Lips and hair!

  • It is definitely common for our lips to get very dry in winter. So baste your lips with our lip balms at night just before bed to lock in that moisture for longer. We even have a lip balm for cold sores.

  • Our hair can definitely use some extra care during winter, so nourish your locks by using our hydrating and rich hair masque treatments. Apply onto damp or dry hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel. Rinse off thoroughly after 10-15 minutes.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through some of these ideas and caring reminders on skin and body care. It is fun to get creative in your self care pamper rituals you do for yourself. I'm all about creating a nurturing space and time in your own home for a home spa experience!

Love Cath


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