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"What does a toner do? Doesn't it have something to do with closing my pores?"

A toner can minimise the appearance of your pores, but it does so much more! In fact, toner is one of the most misunderstood, under-appreciated and yet absolutely essential skincare products for your skin. A toner will remove any left over residue your cleanser may have left behind. It creates a base of permeability for your skin to take in hydration and powerful active ingredients. On top of that, the humble toner will restore the pH balance of your skin. Imagine the skin on your face is, on a playground seesaw... trying to balance things like the weather, diet, hormones and more! To achieve your best pH for your skin (to prevent dryness, acne and other skin conditions), you need a product that will keep that see-saw fairly balanced. This is where a toner shines! Your toner should be gentle on your skin too (no burning) and the miabelle toners are gentle, effective and delicious! 

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