Please note before purchasing - Labels on the smaller lip balms state it is 5 grams but this is incorrect they are 7 grams. 


A gentle and protective Organic Shea and Organic cocoa butter lip balm in a cute mini 7 gram kraft home compostable paper tube packed with organic oils and natural ingredients combatting dry and chapped smackers leaving lips soft and protected, throughout your day. A total winner.


Mini 7gram lip balms available

Happy Days

Summer Fun

Acne clear - orange mint 





Special 3 x $5 each or $7 each 


Ingredients: Euphorbia Antisyphilitica (Candelial wax), Vitellaria Paradoxa (Shea butter organic refined), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa butter organic), Raspberry seed oil, Carrot infused oil, Ricinus Communis (Cold-pressed organic castor oil), (non nano) Zinc oxide, Natural fragrance oil blends from essential oils.

Lip balms

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