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our story


it started with family

Mia Belle (my beauty) was inspired by my daughter's name, Mia Isabelle. I am a down-to-earth person, a wife and mum of four kids, and I'm passionate about providing you products that are well formulated, beautifully natural with certified organic elements. 

journey to miabelle

My journey with my interest in ingredients started when we discovered our eldest had severe allergies to peanuts, eggs and a bunch of other triggers like dust, pollen, grass, synthetic fragrance, harsh cleaning products and laundry powders. 

So I decided to make my own cleaning products to use at home as well as my own laundry liquid.  We were also used to looking at all the ingredients for food and everything had traces of nuts, so we were pushed to look for solutions for both food and what we used on his skin. 

Off-the-shelf products were not going to cut it for us. I did not want any ingredients that may not be environmentally sound and were potential triggers for asthma sufferers.

catherine formulating.jpg

the research

I researched and studied an essential oils business diploma, and I hold a diploma in personal care formulation as a cosmetic chemist through the Institute of Personal Care Science in Australia, which is an internationally recognized qualification.  I did this so I could learn how to formulate my own skin-care and hair-care line. 


People are searching for beautiful products that are not only good for their skin and better for the environment as well as being allergy conscious and cruelty-free. Creating my own line of products means I am completely in touch with what goes into them, and I love to use them both for myself and for my family.

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brand values


  • ​Our business exists to thrive so it can help not only us but those around us.

  • We believe in giving back to community. 

  • Care and respect for self, family, community, and environment.

  • Our first choice of ingredients will always be the best natural and organic ingredients where possible in our formulations. All our products are thoughtfully formulated.

  • Knowing our suppliers in New Zealand.

  • Being mindful of the health and well-being of people and the environment when choosing ingredients for our formulations.

  • Avoiding plastic where we can and as much as possible. This includes what we package and ship our products in. 

  • Adapting an attitude of learning and evolving.

  • Cruelty-free.

  • Providing quality products that are handmade in New Zealand.



from miabelle to a personal passion


Through Mia Belle, I have also been able to channel my passion for mindful living, mental health and well-being by promoting it through my product range. I believe strongly in helping others feel pampered and relaxed and bringing joy.  Providing gentle reminders of slowing down, slower living and modelling this for our younger generation to see.  I am fully supportive of self care and de-stressing while helping women feel good about themselves and the environment they live in. This has further developed into an online community over at Beautiful Minds NZ.

Mia Belle genuinely cares about what you put on your skin and is mindful of all the ingredients it uses.

When you buy Mia Belle you can be guaranteed not only a beautiful elegant product with great results, but that you are purchasing from a New Zealand-owned business that truly cares. Enjoy!



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