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caring about sustainability


Mia Belle truly cares not just for it's customers, but also for the environment. We pride ourselves on using the purest and most natural organic products where possible from reputable suppliers in New Zealand and world-wide. We take great care, thought and
research in putting together our skin and hair-care formulations and use no harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals in our products. All our products are plant-derived, except for our goatsmilk and honey soaps.

Our policy is to support small businesses here in New Zealand where possible. From making our labels, sourcing our ingredients, our marketing, web design and packaging, we endeavor to support local businesses.

We are passionate about reducing plastic waste. When we started researching the impact the beauty industry has on our planet we had to take action. The beauty industry is responsibly for 120 billion single use plastic units per year and most of those single use plastic units still exist in our landfills or oceans today.

Mia Belle wants to be a part of the change and offer eco-friendly options in skin-care and hair-care. We are reducing our own use of single use plastic as much as possible by using glass, aluminium containers and bottles, using packaging from recycled paper, compostable packaging and biodegradable cornstarch pellets and avoiding bubble wrap.

We are making small but significant steps toward helping keep our planet beautiful.


“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

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compostable packaging bags


Our home compostable vacuum seal bags are made from certified AS5810 home compostable biofilm.


Offering a sustainable packaging solution for a range of products, our biodegradable vacuum seal bags are:

Food safe / Fridge and freezer proof / Moisture resistant / Have a high oxygen barrier / Heat sealable / Suitable for use on both commercial chamber sealers and home vacuum sealers / Made in New Zealand 

They are made to replace petrochemical plastic and suitable for: 
- Seafood packaging
- Meat packaging
- Vegan food packaging
- Frozen meal packaging
- Iceblock packaging
- Liquids packaging
- Skincare packaging

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