Our new soothing and cooling eye gel is here to give the skin around your eye some TLC!  Packed with a powerful humectant that will help retain moisture in your skin for longer and anti flammatory ingredients.  
A must have for a pamper session or to use in the evenings as part of your regular routine.  

Gently pat or apply with the roller ball applicator in the vial to the eye orbit area after cleansing and toning as part of your evening skin-care routine.


A sample tester can be purchased. 


Key ingredients
Plant-based hyaluronic acid, rose water, cucumber hydrosol and coffee bean extract - all known to help reduce inflammation and the coffee bean extract has plenty of antioxidants to feed your skin.  Infused with calming organic essential oils.  


10ml glass vial with roller ball applicator or

50grams - glass pot with aluminium screw cap 

Soothing eye gel

Soothing eye gel


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