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Gua Sha facial massage - mindfulness exercise

Image from @newhappyco (instagram)

This blog post kicks off Mindfulness month beginning tomorrow 1st August. A topic I absolutely love and which I'm very passionate about. Here's our first Mindfulness tip. I hope you take the time to try out some of our mindfulness skincare videos that are coming up!

I absolutely love this illustration by @newhappyco that really paints the picture on what savouring a moment looks like. We realise the wonder and colour a moment can hold for us, like a gift!

When we savour a moment, we are pressing into and leaning into the wonder and value of that moment.

In today's Mindfulness skincare video, I focus on a mindful moment using our gua sha rose quartz skincare accessory giving our facial muscles

a gentle massage that helps to relax the muscles in our face, encourages our lymphatic drainage, helps to reduce puffiness and increases the blood circulation, which will benefit the health and glow and cell turnover of our skin.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Take a look at some free mindfulness resources in the link below, you may even want to join in for Mindfulness month.

I'm also fundraising for The Mental Health Foundation for Mindfulness month with some small artworks for sale and 50% of proceeds will go towards my fundraiser. Link to my fundraiser below.

You can view the artworks for sale on this website blog with the first artwork for sale on August 1st -

Cath xoxoo

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