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nutrient-rich face care

Welcome to the Mia Belle range of earth-friendly, natural New Zealand face care products.

Our face care range is formulated with love and care to be effective for all types of skin, especially to help with graceful ageing. There are no nasty chemicals, and we select the best plant-based active ingredients and organic essential oils to make our skin products, with simplicity and sustainability in mind.


Our skin serums, moisturisers, toners, cleansers, creams, oils, and balms are infused with goodness, and our desire to assist you on your skin care journey.

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skincare with soul

We believe using beautiful and natural skin-care is an integral part of self-care.  Therefore we have created an array of products, specifically formulated for different skin types and needs, to help you on your skin-care journey. We promote aging gracefully and looking after your natural beauty, not covering it up. We also believe beauty is more than skin deep and needs to be cultivated from the inside out. 

Our skin-care has simplicity in mind. It's effective, free from nasties, and naturally derived, with plant-based actives and key ingredients. We choose the best organic elements.

We believe in empowering you with knowledge, so you can make a conscious choice about the products you use for yourself and your family. 

We are passionate about helping you implement a consistent skin-care routine that you love and that promotes your skin's health, and your well-being. 

When you use our products, we hope you feel the love and care we have infused into them. 

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