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Mindfulness with Cath - Release & Receive

Updated: Jun 24

I'm going against the part of me that tells me I can't do things out of the box haha! This week I am not sharing a word starting with F, but instead I am jumping to R and writing about the word 'Release' and I'm not just writing about one word but two! The other I think goes in tandem to release, as when we release, it creates the space to receive.

The meaning of 'Release'

To allow or enable to escape from confinement; to set free.

To allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.

The action or process of releasing or being released.

What is needing to be released from within you today. What have you held back that needs to be communicated. How can you support your body to release accumulated stress and energy?

The meaning of 'Receive'

To get, to be given, or to be the recipient of something.

How can we help ourselves receive more gracefully?

This has been on my heart the last few days, particularly today, chatting to one of my massage clients. The need for us to 'Release' stress, emotions - both light and heavy, judgements we have, old memories and our thoughts. It goes on and the list is long. We are like a sponge, that absorbs things around us both consciously and unconsciously. It is so important to find a healthy way for you, that works for you to clear and release it all. We can't just exist without an outlet for ourselves. We also can't exist without giving ourselves the opportunity to also receive, to recharge and fill our cups again. We can't always be in a state of giving, we must also receive and allow others the opportunity to give to us. Having tools in our toolbox of well-being is important for us to build. Think of releasing and receiving like the tide. It comes in and goes out. One can't exist without the other. Letting go can create space for blessings and new opportunities to turn up.

What are some of the different ways we can release and clear the energy within us so we can receive something new, something fresh and just feel a whole lot lighter and better? The things I mentioned earlier can get locked up in our bodies and end up making us feel out of sorts and not ourselves. It can dull our sense of living, create a sense of disconnect with ourselves and our bodies.

Here are some ways to bring release:

  1. Exercise - dance, boxing, pilates, yoga, running, walks, and other sports.

  2. Laughter - spend time laughing each day

  3. Affection - give love, hugs, attention.

  4. Communication - Talking and listening

  5. Healing modalities - massages, aromatherapy, touch, counselling, mindfulness.

  6. Journaling

  7. Creative expression through art

  8. Singing/music/reading books

  9. Gardening

  10. Breath work

Maybe add other ways you allow release in your life in the comments section below.

How can we help ourselves receive?

Allowing others to give to you - regardless of what your mind and body are saying.

Think of that tide coming in and going out. Both are needed and both are important.

If it is really hard for your to receive, you can start small.

When someone offers to shout you a coffee - say yes :)

When someone gives you a hug, try and relax into it.

When someone gives you a compliment, receive it and thank them for it.

Book or practice an activity that allows you to practice receiving. Like a massage.

Appreciate the thought and effort behind the giver and remind yourself it's good practice for them to give as well :) By receiving you empower those who are giving to you.

Here are some lovely affirmations to say out loud to set that intention to receive.

  • Before I give or even receive, I am enough as I am. My giving and receiving does not change this at anytime. My worth isn't tied up in my ability to give or receive.

  • I am becoming more discerning with giving.

  • I am making room in my life for receiving.

  • I am relaxing into the feeling of receiving.

  • I can experience fun, joy and abundance by practicing receiving.

We've come to that part where I lead you through a mindfulness visualization.

Let's get into a comfortable sitting position. Take your deep slow conscious breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly and mindfully. Allow yourself to relax in this moment, reminding yourself that you've taken this time for yourself and it's a time to sit and receive.

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a peaceful river. The water flows gently, carrying away anything that floats upon its surface. Feel the cool, fresh air against your skin and listen to the soothing sound of the water.

In your hand, you hold a small stone. This stone represents something you need to release – a worry, a regret, a fear, or any burden you carry. Take a moment to acknowledge the weight of this stone and how it has affected you.

When you are ready, gently toss the stone into the river. Watch as it sinks into the water and is carried away by the current. Feel a sense of lightness and relief as you let go. The river effortlessly takes the stone, freeing you from its weight.

Now, imagine the river bringing you a beautiful, glowing object. This object represents a gift or blessing you are ready to receive – love, peace, joy, clarity, or an opportunity. Gently reach out and take this glowing object into your hands. It is soothing and warm in your hands.

Hold this gift close to your heart. Feel its warmth and radiance filling you with a positive and hopeful feeling. Know that you are deserving of this blessing and that by releasing, you have created space to receive.

As you bring your awareness back to the room, take this positive and hopeful feeling away with you as you go on about your week. Remember there is a time to release and a time to receive.

Give your arms a little stretch above you, then bring them around yourself and give yourself a warm hug. Open your eyes and notice your surroundings. Take some more deep slow conscious breaths.

Thank you for joining me on this day 6 of my 21 Day Mindfulness Inspirations.

I look forward to sharing with you again next week!

Cath xoxo

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