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Mindfulness with Cath - Focus

Let's embrace the power of 'Focus' on this day 9 of my 21 Day Mindfulness Inspirations.

Thank you for continuing to stay with me on this journey as we curiously explore the words I've chosen for each week, spending time reflecting, meditating and writing about each one.

I'm going to dive straight into this one.

What have my thoughts been around this word 'Focus'?

  1. That what we focus on tends to magnify itself.

  2. That in order for focus to work for us, we need to tune out all other distractions. Another way to describe this is - boundaries.

  3. That Tony Robbins is right - Where focus goes energy flows'.

  4. That we are not called to everything or to everyone around us.

  5. That it is ok to say no to something because when we do we say yes to something else that is actually more aligned to our purpose and our goals and dreams.

  6. Your energy and your resources, your kindness, your passion may be sincere however they are limited in the light of needing to be replenished.

A mindful way of living helps us to be intentional with where we want to focus, where we want to direct our energy and resources. Has your focus become unclear recently?

This week I invite you to choose where your focus goes and flows. If life is currently presenting a flurry of challenges at you which has caused your focus to become unclear and feel disconnected with yourself, return to spending some quality time with YOU to foster stillness and calm. Remember you are like a pond and when life presents tests and challenges, the pond is disturbed and the waters become murky and unclear. Taking time for mindfulness and to pause helps the waters settle and become calm again. When this happens we are able to get clarity again and to get our focus back.

For a short mindfulness meditation to support you to pause, and be still and give you a sense of spaciousness, so you can get clarity back again to reconnect to yourself, have a listen to our Beautiful Minds NZ podcast episode for this week. Available both on Spotify and You Tube.

Before you go on with your day I invite you to take a minute or two with me and set some intentions this week. Ground yourself and choose to focus on what you would like to focus on. How would you like your week to go? What would you like to get done? What is high on your priority? What do you value? What matters the most? What can wait?

Have a beautiful week!



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