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Mindfulness with Cath - Anchor

Welcome to Day 8 of 21 Mindfulness Inspirations! I'm so happy you are reading this and I invite you to take time to enjoy the mindfulness meditations I have added to each one of these blog posts.

Mindfulness supports us in being intentional, being present, and beginning each day with mindfulness practices can transform our morning routine giving our days positivity and focus.

Your morning alarm sounds, what are you tempted to think of and do first thing in the morning?  Check your phone maybe, think of your to do list, default to thinking to that which is less than encouraging, or just not feel like getting up out of your warm bed hehe!  Particularly in winter, getting out of bed can be so much harder ;)

This is why we need a kind of Anchor to start our day.  What is your anchor in the mornings?  Something that grounds you, brings you into the present moment, helps you become more intentional with your thoughts and actions?  My daughter and I started our day with a devotional that had a scripture in it about being an encourager.  From that we were able to set an intention for the day about being an encouragement not only to ourselves but to others.  Everyone needs and deserves encouragement and someone who cheers them on from the sidelines. We also talked about how sometimes the people that look the strongest can be missed and not look like they need encouragement at all but not to judge a book by it's cover. You just never know who needs uplifting in the community around you. It was so good to share that moment with her and to engage both our minds intentionally in a positive way and to see where our conversation went in relation to that. 

So today's word 'Anchor' is all about finding that anchor for yourself to help begin your mornings. Maybe it is meditation, your first cup of coffee or tea with a moment of quiet. Maybe you go for a walk, or practice yoga or journal or go for a run.  Whatever it is, may it be something that supports your mind to focus and anchor itself on something positive and uplifting - that helps redirect your mind from the automatic run of thoughts we have in there day in day out or the automatic scrolling we do online. You are the driver and you can influence your mind, body and soul.  This is a gentle reminder to devote some time to this if you haven't yet or thinking about it. If you are already doing this daily, I hope you celebrate this!

I invite you now to take a few minutes and join me for our mindfulness visualization today. 

Let's find a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth. Allow your body to relax with each exhale, letting go of any tension you may be holding.

Imagine you are standing on the shore of a tranquil beach. The sun is setting, casting a warm golden glow across the sky and water. The waves gently lap at the shore, creating a soothing rhythm that calms your mind.

In your hand, you hold a small, sturdy anchor. This anchor represents stability, grounding, and inner strength. Feel its weight and solidity in your hand, a reminder of your ability to stay grounded no matter the circumstances.

Imagine yourself wading into the shallow waters, feeling the cool, refreshing touch of the sea. You gently lower the anchor into the water, watching as it sinks slowly and settles into the sandy bottom. Visualize the anchor securing itself firmly, providing a strong, unwavering connection to the earth beneath the waves.

Now, imagine a soft, golden cord connecting you to the anchor. This cord represents your connection to your inner strength and stability. Feel the gentle pull of the cord, reminding you that no matter how turbulent the waters of life may become, you are securely anchored and can remain steady.

As you continue to breathe deeply, imagine each inhale drawing strength and stability from the anchor up through the golden cord and into your body. With each exhale, release any tension or worry, letting it flow out and away, carried off by the gentle waves.

Picture the ocean around you becoming even more serene and calm. The waves are gentle, the water clear. You feel a profound sense of peace and stability, knowing you are anchored and secure. This inner calm spreads throughout your entire being, filling you with tranquility.

Silently repeat to yourself, "I am anchored and strong. I am grounded and secure. I can navigate any storm with calm and resilience." Feel these affirmations resonating within you, reinforcing your connection to your inner anchor.

When you are ready, slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Give your shoulders a gentle roll and move your legs and arms, then with your arms give yourself a warm hug. Take a deep breath, exhale and gently open your eyes. Carry this sense of grounding and stability with you, knowing you can return to your anchor whenever you need.

Remember, your inner anchor is always there, providing you with stability and strength. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or unsteady, take a moment to visualize your anchor, reconnect with your inner calm, and reaffirm your grounding presence. Choose some activities to add to your well-being toolbox that will be your support first thing in the morning and when you don't feel centered and grounded.

Thank you for joining me in this mindfulness visualization. May your anchor guide you towards peace and resilience.

Cath xoxo

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