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Let's talk coconuts! 🥥

Happy World Coconut Day! To celebrate coconut day, we've dedicated a whole blog to this amazing ingredient that we use in so many of our Mia Belle products..

What's so great about coconuts!?

It's SUSTAINABLE due to the environmental impact of growing and harvesting and renewing coconuts is low (one of our favorite reasons!). The coconut tree, which is also known as the "tree of life", contains so many useful materials for health, beauty, and wellness. Coconut has been proven to be a much more sustainable alternative to other oils, like palm oil. It also does not need to be cut down (like other trees) to reap its benefits from the coconuts, making this plant an inherently sustainable option for high-volume oil production.

🥥 The coconut is not a nut at all, but a stone fruit!

A bit of a backstory from the coconut..

Historically, Coconut Oil was used as a remedy for treating illnesses and infections, healing wounds, promoting the growth of strong bones, and protecting skin against blemishes. The first evidence of coconuts was believed to have been found in New Guinea around 12,000 years ago!

Since then, Coconuts have been used in many different ways across the globe and is extremely versatile, have a look below at their uses!

Coconut Water- Can be drunk directly out of the coconut, also known as coconut juice

Coconut Flesh- The white meaty part can be eaten but can also be used to make milk, oil, and cream.

Coconut Oil- Can be used in a variety of ways from cooking, and mouthwash and is now commonly used in beauty products such as moisturizer and hair products.

Coconut Shell- A beautiful piece of décor for the home which people are creating bowls, candles, and décor.

Coconut Husk- This coconut fiber can be used for ropes, brushes, doormats, scrubbers, and more!

Coconut Leaves- In some traditional areas of the world, you can find coconut leaves being used for shelter, wedding decorations, brooms, and baskets!

Coconut Flowers- You can even use the flowers! Coconut flower nectar is a great replacement for refined sugar.

Coconut Trunk- Firewood is commonly used from the trunk itself. Burning the coconut husk is thought to help keep mosquitos away! Once a coconut palm tree has stopped producing coconuts the trunks can be used as lumber.

🥥 A single coconut palm tree can have up to 180 coconuts harvested in one harvest!

The amazing coconut oil in our products!

So many nutrients from the coconut benefit not only the skin but the hair as well.

You can find coconut oil in our bath bombs, bubble bars, lip balms, and our deodorants and more!

Because coconut oil is classed as high in MCT medium chain Triglycerides (which means molecules are smaller than other oils making it quite a nice silky soft oil on the skin and hair) you will also find it in all of our hair masques and hair bars making it the perfect ingredient to maintain your silky locks!

Hair Bars

The organic oils and ratios of cleansing and conditioning has been formulated for different hair types, and rich proteins that benefit hair health have been added.

These bars are part of our salon professional range!

Click the link below to see our range of hair bars.

Lip Balms

Packed with organic oils and natural ingredients to combat dry and chapped lips, leaving them soft and protected, throughout your day. A total winner!

A gentle and protective organic shea and cocoa butter lip balm in a cute mini 7-gram kraft home compostable paper tube. Also available in 6 different organic scents!

Click the link below to see more about our lip balms..

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Life is too short for boring baths! You can’t fail to relax with this scrumptiously scented bath bomb.

Available in Honeysuckle, Lemongrass Grapefruit, Coconut Vanilla, and, Juniper Berry & Lavender!

Made to fizz and fill your bath with a luscious spa experience, while helping to nourish and moisturise your skin as well as release toxins and soothe aching muscles.

Click the link below to see more about our bath bombs..

🥥 There are over 100 different species of coconuts!

We hope you have learned some interesting facts about the amazing coconut in our blog!

We continue to look for and consider our impact on the planet through the ingredients we choose and use, and also promote low waste and reducing waste in our packaging, and creating products that last and go further for consumers. We appreciate your support as always

Mia Belle family


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