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DIY Lip balm

It's our second week of lockdown since COVID-19 has kept us self isolating in our homes. I thought it would be a good time to give back and share some simple instructional videos of making your own DIY body care and home products at home.

Starting with something simple and easy that involves minimal processing.

A simple lip balm recipe that you can customize by choosing your own oils and fragrances.

Our first DIY video. Feedback is greatly appreciated on these videos on how we can make them better for you.

This portion below was a bit blurry on the video ⬇️

"Every ingredient including fragrance has recommended percentages of use so always stick with manufacturers recommendations to be safe"

Check first the safety of essential oils you use on a leave on product as some can react with the sun while on your skin 💜

Enjoy! Catherine x Mia Belle ®™

*These videos are for personal use only but feel free to share our videos with family and friends!

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Glad you enjoyed it 😊

Me gusta

Lovely video , thanks :-)

Me gusta
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