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Little luxuries from Mia Belle

As you know I'm very much into mindfulness practices and the heart behind that is my journey through PTSD, living with anxiety and healing from depression. I share freely about this and the reason for that is to normalize conversations around this topic because I know many others live with this every day. I can't bear the thought of someone in isolation and loneliness wondering if they are the only one going through it. If speaking up and sharing about my experience and how to heal yourself can help someone else, then I am willing to do that.

Mindfulness is all about bringing yourself into the simplicity of the present moment. The NOW.

We can do this by using different tools that stimulate our five senses of sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.

Where does Mia Belle and the products we offer come into this? Our products are created to give you a luxurious sensorial experience, using the best ingredients, products infused with loving intention and the best botanical, plant based fragrances and essential oils. I'm sharing some of my favourite products I've formulated and created in this blog post that uplift me and give me that little boost of luxury in my day.

Elan organic cacay oil milky cleanser

100 ml


I start my morning and evening skincare routine with my trusty favourite - our milky cleanser!

What do I love about it?

When I apply it to my skin, the coolness of the cleanser is a good distraction from any tiredness. The softness is like a little hug to my dry or uncleansed skin. The smell of the sandalwood, frankincense and grapefruit is both reviving but grounding and I give my face a little stimulation through massage for a couple of minutes savouring the moment. Add a little water at a time to increase the slip of the cleanser on your skin. It feels and smells divine!

Pink clay cream cleanser with exfoliant

50 ml


Twice a week I use this creamy cleanser with exfoliant to slough away those stubborn dead skin cells.

There is something about the feeling and smell of clean smooth skin. I feel like I literally exfoliate and wash the day away when I use this product. The fine rosehip seed exfoliant in this product, gives it an interesting texture and feel. Such an important mindfulness activity that engages your sense of touch, and smell. This also is a fun product as the water activates it and it turns from a paste into a creamy cleanser.

Bakuchiol vit B3 boost serum

50 ml


My no.1 favourite serum out of all our serums!

I use this beauty religiously morning and evening after cleansing. I follow it sometimes with a few drops of our organic face oil serum particularly during winter.

I don't feel complete without knowing I have given my skin some moisture boost and protection after cleansing. Taking care of my skin and being consistent is for me a simple act of self love. It's a way for me to communicate to my body that, you are worth putting time and care and investment in.

The uplifting peppermint scent in this product goes very well with the grounding earthy scent of the bakuchiol.

Hair masque treatments

150 ml


There's nothing like the feel and smell of soft, clean hair. I use this product twice a week, I am guilty of opting for it than our conditioner bars actually! ;)

Loving the feel and look of our hair can be a confidence booster and I adore our hair masques. They are so nourishing and rich on the hair. The organic oils I have picked for each one is testament of how good this hair masque is for your locks!

I often apply it on dry hair in advance to showering so my thick hair soaks in it for longer. I love taking the time in the shower to apply this through the hair strands, even combing it through, enjoying the feel and smell. Can you tell how much I love this product?

Dead sea salt foot and bath soak

250 grams


To me a hot bath with 2 - 3 T of these dead sea salt with a few drops of lavender essential oil or a bath bomb is a hug for my whole body.

If you're someone who holds a lot of tension and stress in your body, and you find it hard to release this stress through other means, consider a bath. For me, it helps to hijack the stress in my body and remind it, that it isn't meant to be stored in my body and to dislodge and release it - down the drain along with all the toxins being released by the salts! ;)

A bath for me really is a big exhale for my body, and sitting and being present with myself, and a candle is such a beautiful form of self-care.

Rayah organic sugar body scrub

150 ml


An absolute delight for your hard working hands. This helps to soften, nourish and cleanse your hands. Taking a couple of minutes to exfoliate your hands is a lovely practice of mindfulness and a tool called ' self-havening' - helping to bring you to a sense of calm and an awareness of the present moment. The brain waves switch to a slow and relaxed 'delta' wave state :)

Not to mention how luxurious this product feels on your hands and the fragrance of our Rayah blend (raspberry ketone, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood, vegan musk, lemon) which is an adoring, warm, romantic scent.

It truly is a sensorial delight.

Magnesium body butter

150 ml


Another product I use frequently to bless my feet, ankles, calves and legs.

This rich body butter goes such a long way and when applied melts into your skin in a beautiful luxurious way.

Our feet and legs work so hard for us, and it's lovely to be able to give them some tender loving care.

My favourite scent is the Jasmine Ylang ylang and we have a new scent available in our Sweet Dreams relaxing blend (Lavender, Chamomile and Orange). It is heavenly!

Tranquil calming blend



This is my favourite blend that I take with me everywhere I go. It helps with anxiety and hormonal balance. Particularly now I am experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms! I find this blend to be such a comforting and balancing therapeutic fragrance.

The organic jojoba oil base makes this extra nourishing and luxurious as you apply it to your pulse points.

Shower steamers

50-60 grams (approx)


(lasts 2 showers)

Our shower steamers encourage me to slow

down and take some deep conscious breaths

in the shower and these steamers help to clear out those nasal passages well. I do a visualization in the shower of breathing in peace and breathing out stress.

These are the welcomed relief to sinus trouble!

Clarity is my favourite with the next one being revive.

Vegan lip gloss - Miss Q

7 grams


My little pick me up, when I'm feeling a little haggard from being busy and it's taken it's toll on my sleep patterns and skin. This nourishes my lips plus gives me a healthy pop of colour - even applying it on my cheeks!

This little cutie is a tint so it isn't a strong colour :)

Well, that's a few of my favourites in our range that I use and love. The joy for me in this business is the positive difference I can make in your day through products that give you a little lift and help you feel really good as we navigate life's bumpy ride! One reason why I have added my Kobido Holistic face massage offering to Mia Belle! It all relates to the difference I want to continue to make in this world. Perhaps under this blog, you can share with me a favourite product of yours in our range and what you love about how it makes you feel.

sending you much love

Cath xoxo

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