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Why use a toner as part of my skincare routine?

Not sure what use a toner would be in your skincare routine, hopefully this blog post is helpful.

There are some great benefits to using a toner

in your skincare routine most especially if the toner has a hydrosol base like our organic rose hydrosol in our kalon range.

Our toner has no ethanol or alcohol therefore

is gentler on the skin and does not compromise

moisture in the skin. It is also pH skin friendly

and will support keeping your skins

natural pH balance.

Rose hydrosol has calming anti-flammatory properties and will soothe dry and irritated skin. It is also gentle enough to use frequently in the day and it is a great way of rehydrating and refreshing your skin throughout the day in all seasons. Give your face a refreshing mist

in the afternoon to give yourself a bit of a pick me up!

Rose hydrosol is rich in antioxidants

which help combat environmental damage and

premature aging in our skin. Antioxidants

are essential in our skincare to keep our skin

supported to enable it to restore and repair


This product is incredibly versatile and can even be used as the liquid base to our deep cleanse clay masque.

If you want to incorporate this into your skincare routine, we would advise applying it after cleansing, by spritzing your face generously with the toner, and while your face is still damp, apply our serums. The Hyaluronic acid (vegan) in our serums will use the hydrosol to draw more moisture into your skin, as hyaluronic acid will help hold this moisture in your skin for longer.

Our Rose toner is not to be confused with some floral waters which may just be fragranced water or essential oils added to water and solubilized. These will not have the same benefits as real hydrosols.

We hope you found this quick blog helpful and informative and please reach out if you have

any questions about your skincare needs, products or ingredients!

We would love to help as best as we can!

Mia Belle team!

(blog written by Catherine Sanvictores)

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