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Why use a face oil and what are the benefits?

Face oil, moisturiser, do I need to use both, which one do I pick and what are the differences?

I've been asked this questions a number of times and I hope this video is helpful! Recorded a couple of weeks ago after a live zoom call meeting the pageant contestants from Miss Asia Pacific Internation chatting about skin-care and this was one of the questions I was asked.

We have our organic face oil we offer in our Kalon range.

Key ingredients - organic rosehip, apricot kernel and olive squalane. Great oils with a good reputation for rich nutrients for supporting moisture loss protection, cell renewal, fighting free radicals from environmental stresses on our skin.

$27 for a 20ml galss bottle with dropper.

Our skin is made up of fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides so it will benefit from having oils that are rich in fatty acids applied to it as a protective film.

Thanks for watching!

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