What's my hair type?

Hi I'm Cath 🥰 I formulate all the products for Mia Belle!

I am yet to have a haircut since lock-down finished so these days when I wake up in the morning my hair has A LOT of volume 😆 which I actually LOVE about my hair it's just learning to work with what I have been blessed with 🥰

I'm going to be sharing some posts about different hair types and recommended routines so I thought It would be best to start with mine.

What's my hair type? 👱‍♀️💁👦👱‍♀️

I'm sharing in case it helps anyone else with a similar hair type 🙂

Thick hair with thick strands - I have plenty of hair with dry ends due to lots of colouring with a tendency to get an oily, itchy scalp. This has stopped since using our Shampoo and Conditioner bars, which a big part from experience and studying ingredients is due to having no harsh sulphates/sulfates that are very strong surfactants/surface active agent which can throw our scalp out of balance. You can end up with an overly oily scalp or a flaky itchy scalp and then you have the need to want to wash your hair daily due to this. It's not a fun cycle. This was my experience before.

My hair care routine

I use our salon range thick hair Shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair twice a week. My scalp and hair have been thanking me for it for the last few years.

When I wash my hair I only shampoo my scalp then rinse and then apply the conditioner bar from mid to ends only. This is something I recommend for those with long hair.

My ends needs extra TLC so to do that I apply our leave in conditioner wet after towel drying and I blow dry while combing it. This helps tame any frizzy ends!

Once or twice each fortnight depending on how busy I am I'll apply our thick hair vanilla hair masque treatment onto dry clean hair (apply from mid to ends)

then rinse off after 15-20mins.

No doubt my hair needs will change and my hair care routine not so demanding once I get a haircut as I'm slowly growing out the colour treated ends.

My hair has grown much faster and hair malting has decreased a lot since I've used our bars.

There are many different needs for hair and I enjoy being able to help if I can with yours and wonderful if it helps boost your confidence because you end up with amazing hair that you love! 🥰

Happy weekend!




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