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The Face Behind Mia Belle

My Journey

Selfcare has always been a huge part of my life, creating a brand that helps others to feel and look their best has become a dream come true to say the least. When I founded Mia Belle back in 2017 I never would have thought that our brand would reach and have an impact on so many wonderful people!

I started this business from the ground up and saved over 2 years from another small business, I wanted to make a difference to people and provide value, simplicity, and affordable products that would truly be kind to your skin.

Throwback 2019 our first Go Green Expo in Auckland

My Why

Having an opportunity to make a positive impact in people's lives, encouraging them to slow down, taking time for themselves has been my why. I get so inspired when I hear you guys say that we have helped with your skin challenges, or the difference our products have made for you.

I love supporting our small businesses here in New Zealand. From making our labels, sourcing our beautiful ingredients, web design & packaging- we endeavor to support local and will always make careful decisions that will not only help us but also help others in any way we can.

My How

Leaving a legacy for our kids is a huge daily motivator for me.

The inspiration behind the name "Mia Belle" comes right from home- my wonderful daughter. Mia, meaning "My" and Belle meaning "Beauty"- My Beauty.

She is my inspiration for everything! I knew this name was meant to be, helping people to discover their own beauty, simply because we all have it.

We all have our own unique beauty and I love to remind women that ageing is beautiful, and not to be afraid of it.

My Beautiful Family

Giving Back

Reducing Plastic Waste is a big one for me. Protecting our planet and priding ourselves on using the purest and most organic, natural ingredients where possible is so important to our brand.

Being able to offer eco-friendly options in skincare & haircare are small but significant steps towards helping keep our planet beautiful and also, YOU beautiful!

I can't wait to carry on this fabulous and blessed journey with you all and meet some beautiful new people!

Take care of yourself, inside and out.

Cath xx

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