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Mindfulness with Cath - Affectionate

I'm committing to a 21 Day Mindfulness inspirations where I choose a word each week to write about and for us to focus and meditate on. So I hope you will go on this journey with me as I commit to sharing my love of mindfulness practices, tools and sharing my thoughts with you through my writing. I'm also trying to give my writing some structure and direction haha! …

I hope you continue to enjoy it!

These mindfulness inspirations will also be available as a recording on a podcast episode on my Beautiful Minds NZ Spotify podcast. (also available on iHeart radio).

I affectionately ;) invite you to take a few mindful moments with me and focus on the word affectionate. Remind yourself that your to-do list can wait and this is your time and your moment to take a mindful break. Find a comfortable sitting position where you are and take 3 deep conscious breaths with me, counting slowly to 4 as you inhale... hold for a couple of seconds then count down from 4 as you slowly exhale.

When you think of the word affectionate, what comes to mind? How do you picture the word affectionate? Does a person come to mind? Does it evoke some kind of feeling or reaction inside of you? How do you feel towards this word? If affection was a colour, what colour would it be to you? Is it warm? What shape would it be? Take a few minutes to ponder on these questions and engage your imagination and adopt a simple curiosity without judgement towards your thoughts and feelings.

I'd like you to bring to mind someone who you feel affection towards that also reciprocates affection back. It can be a friendship, your child, a partner, or a pet. It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship. Take a moment to focus on this connection and the positivity of this connection. Allow yourself to magnify the feeling of affection and perhaps the appreciation you feel about this relationship/connection. Allow your mind and your heart to be filled with the positive feelings that this connection conjures. Take a few minutes to enjoy this and expand this moment.

I'd like you to now, take some time to focus on directing affection towards yourself. Perhaps think about how you would treat your best friend. What affectionate, loving or compassionate gestures would you show your best friend. Think about whether you treat yourself with affection in this way. Are you kind to yourself? If you become aware that you don't treat yourself very well, how can you begin to show more affection towards you? Take a few minutes now to reflect on this. Perhaps you can set an intention in this moment to begin to show gestures and self-talk that are more loving, warm and compassionate towards yourself. As you finish this mindfulness exercise with me, perhaps you could journal some ideas and action points on how you will show yourself more affection intentionally. What are some self dialogue that aligns more with being kinder to yourself?

Thank you for taking this time to join me on the first day of my 21 day Mindfulness inspiration.

Until next week!

Cath xoxo

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