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Journaling as part of your mindfulness practice

Here at Mia Belle, we love to encourage practices of mindfulness and authentic self care. Mindfulness is a well researched and scientifically backed practice that benefits our brain and body. There are many different ways to practice this and they can all be different for everyone- there is no right or wrong way.

Journaling, a popular mindfulness practice is one therapeutic way you can practice slowing down, gathering your thoughts and cultivating an awareness of them so you can better understand yourself. Journaling is a way to express yourself and bring yourself into a space for only you. Many people find that journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as create a stream of consciousness and mindfulness.

Journaling can provide a greater sense of confidence and self-identity and also help the brain regulate emotions. You can even use it as an outlet for your personal reflection and to sort through feelings and events that have occurred that you may be struggling with. Sharing these thoughts and emotions in a private space for yourself can help you remain present, whilst keeping perspective.

Here are some really helpful journaling prompts to help get you started:

- Name 3 thoughts that made you smile today

- Name 3 things that challenged you today

- Name 3 urges that you resisted today

- Name 3 events that made you feel productive today

- Name 3 actions that made you feel loved today

- Name 3 beautiful things that you heard today

- What worked really well in your day today?

- What didn't quite work well and what are your learnings and what would you do differently next time?

Journaling is another world where you have no limits and can express yourself freely in a private and personal space just for you!

This can also become a daily ritual to some, whilst others may just want to write when they feel the need to write. Everyone's experience and how they practice self care is completely different and that is what makes us all unique. Your perspective is unique and your thoughts and opinions matter.

With Christmas and the holidays right around the corner, this time of year can be a very fun time but can have the potential of becoming quite overwhelming. If you're finding yourself taking on too much or simply needing a break, take some "me" time to slow down, take some deep belly breaths and reflect on why you feel stressed and what change you could implement to support yourself more at this time. Self care is not an indulgence but a necessity in our every day lives. Self care can look like a soulful bath time ritual, a walk in the bush, a 10 minute walk, a cup of tea, a catch up with a close friend or saying no because you need some quiet and down time on your own. Self care is considering your mental health and is essential.

Here are some of our favorites below:

- Run yourself a well deserved bath or use a shower steamer in your shower and have a quiet time

- Connect with friends and family and don't be afraid to ask for help

- Unplug and give yourself some time to be present in the moment

- Pamper yourself - do your nails, give yourself a nurturing hand scrub and finish off with a moisturizer, give yourself a longer skincare routine, give yourself a scalp massage with some delicious organic oils, do some stretches before going to bed.

- Meditate, Journal, Pray, Do some yoga or Pilates

- Allow yourself to receive, whether this be eating more nourishing food, staying up late or receiving help with dinner or sharing with someone you trust about how you are.

Most importantly, remember to pace yourself. Don't take on too much. Relax and unwind!

We love to share tips around self care and mindfulness, if you have any you would like to share, please leave them in the comments!

Mia Belle x Written by Libby Culic from Little Oak Co for Mia Belle NZ

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