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Hyaluronic acid magic! Some tips on application.

Here is a video I recorded last weekend that is on our instagram TV - yes we are now on instagram TV! We also share our videos on our Facebook page so if you are on any of these social media platforms we would love if you connected with us on there.

Our HA serum is plant derived in a concentrated serum formulation. Check out some facts and a tip on applying this amazing serum 🥰💕

Moisture is so important to keep locked into our skin and this amazing ingredient is one of the strongest humectants in skincare. We are constantly losing moisture from our skin as we get exposed to environmental stresses each day through exposure to sun, pollutants, screen time on our mobiles and computers, our heaters and heat pumps and basically losing moisture in our skin is a fact of life as we age. All the factors above and more contribute so it's important to help our skin retain moisture especially during these cold winter months. This serum is amazing, in that is can be used morning or evening and by all skin types as it's so powerful in it's moisture holding properties that it will hydrate very dry skin and be light enough to apply onto very oily-prone skin.

This serum is $35 NZD and is part of our Kalon skin care range.

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