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How to test new skincare products

Do you test patch new skincare products on your skin?

Every persons skin is different so it's important you test patch products on your skin first to avoid a reaction on a larger part of your skin area.

I absolutely LOVE and am a great fan of the qualities of natural ingredients and what they can do in skincare products and our skin! However I'm also aware that just because something is 'natural' it does not mean there is not a potential for a reaction, irritation or allergy. My son who has severe allergies to certain foods and ingredients is an example of this as there are certain natural products that he cannot use on his skin.

People do react and are allergic to even natural plant oils and plant based actives and essential oils do contain allergens. Another reason to test products. This is one of the reasons you can purchase sample sized pots of our skincare from us so you can test if it's suitable for your skin type. That way you're not spending on a full sized product only to find it isn't suitable for your skin. Remember reactions can be delayed as well and may show over time. An example is a reaction to sodium bicarbonate in Natural deodorants. Initially you may not have reacted but over time you develop a sensitivity and may end up not being able to wear a deodorant with baking soda in the ingredients. This is one reason we developed a natural deodorant without baking soda as we discovered this ourselves personally in our family.

We hope the below graphics are helpful!

Cath xoxo

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