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How do I use our shampoo and conditioner bars?

Good timing! Today is hair washing day for me. I get asked how do I use our solid hair bars shampoo and conditioners a lot so here is a video (in my shower literally) 😅 of me using them. Plenty of people still have not tried them or heard of them so hope this encourages you to try them if you haven't already.

Shampoo bar tips.

Swipe across wet hair and scalp, add water to create more lather. Work up more lather with your hands and massage the scalp. For those with very thick or thick curly hair - concentrate the shampoo bar only on the scalp and roots and apply the conditioner bar close to the roots and ends to really hydrate your locks and only partially wash out the conditioner to help define the locks. When drying your hair scrunch your curls with the towel gently squeezing the water out of the curls, this helps your curls dry as is helping to avoid frizz!

Rinse thoroughly and double wash if needed especially if you are like me and only wash your hair once or twice a week.

Conditioner bar tips.

Swipe across wet hair paying more attention from mid to ends.

Use your hand to guide the bar down your hair strands especially for long hair.

Work it through with your fingers like a comb.

Rinse thoroughly.

Our bars are made from naturally derived palm oil free surfactants which are gentle, pH balanced and clean the hair effectively without stripping hair, with added organic oils and plant based actives to nourish and keep your hair soft, healthy and manageable.

Gentle on your hair and on the planet ☺️

Happy Friday all!

Any questions comment or dm 🥰

x Catherine - chief shampoo bar creator!

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