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Gifting consciously and mindfully in 2023

The end or the beginning of a year is a great time to reflect, refocus, adjust and create some new intentions for the New Year. It's also a time when many often declutter, both their mind (by taking a break or a holiday) and their home (partly due to having some extra time to do so!)

In doing the declutter, you may be faced by how much stuff you have that you haven't used or don't need and that stuff has been taking up space in your home. This awareness has encouraged you to focus on gifting and consuming more mindfully in 2023. If so this is awesome!

The considerable rise in the cost of living in the last couple of years has meant many of us are experiencing tighter budgets. In times like this, we need to be more creative in the way we think and execute gift giving.

Focusing on what really matters and what is essential.

We normally see blog posts like these close to Christmas, but I think, what is better than thinking about it at the beginning of a new year! Why not? :)

Valentines Day is coming up and I wanted to create some thought and conversation around the topic of mindful gift giving.

Gift giving has been around for hundreds of years and is basically ingrained in our DNA. As social beings, we receive great satisfaction from receiving and giving gifts, expressing our love and care through them. Gift giving can cultivate a sense of connection, intimacy and generosity and can be altruistic. These are the values worth holding on to as our focus when it comes to gifting mindfully.

Gifts does not just need to be all about buying things. There are many ways we can cultivate connection without material things and this blog post helps to explore some of those ideas outside of the box and still fill the tank of those that love gifts and gift giving as one of their love languages! One of the reasons I love about having Mia Belle is I get to witness how happy people are when they give and when they receive and I get to offer products for all budgets. I believe gift giving should be fun and creative and not stressful, overwhelming or bring on anxiety. So I invite you to think on this when you plan your gift giving this year. I've shared a few bullet points below for some reflection :)

  • You don't have to follow the crowd when it comes to gift giving. Put your own flair into it! Gift a little voucher you designed yourself with your own idea of a gift on it for the receiver to redeem when they like? :) Which relates to the next point below.

  • Gifting within your means - this can be related to your budget, what your values are, and whether you like gifting or not. This is ok!

  • Gift experiences and create memories - like a picnic, dinner, a game, or concert or instead of doing an activity alone, do it with a friend. Have a pamper night in and do some fun skincare masques together while you watch a movie. Gift a voucher or a ticket to something they can experience.

  • Heartfelt gifts like little letters they can open on certain days of the year, a video montage you edited yourself, or an artwork that you created yourself.

  • Gift your time, or skill or creativity - you may be awesome at cooking, art, dance? What is a gifty idea that is focused on these?

  • Plant lover? - gift them something you have grown from seed or a cutting :)

  • Do something nice in their name - plant a tree or take part in a charitable activity together.

  • Plan a day of doing things that don't cost money! I love a challenge and this one sounds fun!

  • Gift flowers from your garden.

  • Let's just normalize regifting wisely shall we? It's such a great way of reducing our consumption.

  • Handmade treats and sweets are a nice touch.

Those are a few ideas for you to get your creative thinking going.

No matter what you gift, remind yourself that your gift giving is enough. If finances are so tight remember your time is one of the most precious gifts you can give to people.

Prepare and plan in advance to support your intention so you don't end up rushing and spending money on something you don't need or will regret.

Remember it isn't about stopping gift giving altogether but doing it differently and creatively!

Thanks for reading!

Cath xoxo

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