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Fine hair type? Want more volume? Here are our tips!

Here are some tips from Mia Belle using our products.

Fine hair – fine hair strands (thin or thick density)

Option 1 – Use our 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar – which gives you the foam but not so much to make your hair frizzy due to the conditioner already in the bar. This will condition your hair but not weigh it down.  This option would work for those with fine, short hair styles.  You may get away with not using any conditioner bar.  Concentrate on applying the shampoo bar to the scalp and roots only. Rinse thoroughly. 

Option 2 – Recommended for those with fine hair strands, medium length hair which is slightly denser (i.e. meaning more fine hair strands).

Use any of our shampoo and conditioner bars in our normal range. Shampoo the scalp only and when using the conditioner avoid the scalp and roots.  Blow dry your hair in the opposite direction it would lay.  This causes the roots to stand which gives it more volume. If you don’t want to use a blow dryer that’s fine just air dry your hair and use a wide tooth comb. Apply our leave in conditioner after hair drying to the ends in small amounts if you want to tame any frizz.

Option 3 – For fine hair strands with more density; your hair is medium length to long.  Use our salon range fine hair shampoo and conditioner or our medium hair beloved shampoo and conditioner.  Shampoo the scalp and roots only. When using the conditioner bar, avoid the scalp and roots.  If you need a heavier conditioner, you could opt for one of our thick hair vanilla conditioner bars in our salon range.  Blow drying the roots to add volume is also an option.

A wide toothed comb is recommended for fine hair types as your hair strands are more fragile than other hair types.

If you wanted some extra hydration on your ends in between hair washes, our Embrace leave-in-conditioner is light and will not weigh down fine hair.  Do not apply to scalp or roots.

For a more intense conditioning treatment (especially if your hair is damaged or extremely dry) use our fine hair masque treatment in between washes. Apply to hair strands avoiding roots and scalp.


To give the hair some more body in between washes and to help absorb the oils, you could opt for a dry shampoo. Apply sparingly on your hands and disperse with a soft large brush to the scalp and roots. We recommend only using dry shampoo once in between washes as it can leave a residue on your scalp if used too many times.

We have some dry shampoo coming available soon in our online shop!

What are your hair care challenges for your hair type? 

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