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A bonding and pamper time with Mia!

Mia was home for part of this week with a cold so I decided to treat her to a mini facial and

show her how to cleanse her face, apply moisturiser and reminded her how important it is to wear sunscreen each day. Especially at school, they spend their break times playing outside a lot!

Kids don't need an incredible amount of product on their skin. Depending on their skin needs, some kids skin change very early on ie. experiencing break out or pimples at a younger age, but in Mia's case I think around 7 - 8 years old is a great time to introduce a very simple routine, and developing the habit of applying sunscreen for themselves. We teach them about hygiene for the body but not necessarily looking after the skin on the face. The most important habit to cultivate would be cleansing their skin, adding moisture through a simple face cream and sunscreen. Being proactive and starting young with sunscreen is one of the best things you can do for your skin at an early age, and your skin will thank you for it.

There are plenty of mindfulness activities we can encourage kids to do, and skincare is one of them, encouraging them also to slow down, take care of themselves and their skin and it teaches them to value themselves enough to give themselves a break and love the skin they are in. That's definitely something I would like to encourage my girls and boys to do for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed Mia's narration in this video! Since showing her this routine, she's been excited to do it every night!

Cath xoxo

Products used in this video

Yellow clay sensitive face cleanser bar

Unscented/fragrance free Kalon face cream (I'll introduce a simple face cream suitable for tweens at some stage but this face cream, applied lightly is good enough!)

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