These easy to implement 2 step skin-care routine bundles have been created for the time-challenged, for those not wanting to have a long routine but something easy and quick to do. This will help you be consistent and still use a natural, eco friendly, intentional skin-care that won't take much time but will still help look after your skin and help you feel more confident.   

Here are 5 options with a 2 step skin-care routine for different skin types, with the added option of adding a serum as an extra step in the evening.

Face bar - non soap based, pH balanced so it won't strip your skin, but cleanses effectively. For those who enjoy using a foaming cleanser. Suitable for all skin types. No bottle to dispose of. Comes in home-compostable greaseproof paper. Take a look at the cleansing bar options.
Finish with the kalon face cream - medium texture, suitable for combination skin types. Key ingredient is jojoba oil which is lightweight, won't clog pores and has good nutrients for the skin. Take a look at the kalon face cream options.


Cream clay cleansers in either activated charcoal or pink clay. Pink clay is suitable for all skin types.  Activated charcoal is a more intense cleanser suitable for those with oilier skin or who prefer a deeper cleanse. These are creamy when water is added so has a different texture and feel if you prefer a cream cleanser. Take a look at our cream clay skin cleansing options.
Both of these can come with an added exfoliant for a deeper cleanse.
Finish with one of our face creams. In this option I've used our First Light hydrating cream which is suitable if you have drier skin. There is a face cream option for all skin needs in our range.

Organic cacay oil cream cleanser, perfect for dry, maturing skin and if you prefer a luxurious feeling cleanser. Finish off with one of our face creams.  


Suited for those with oilier skin types our acne clear range has Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) as a key ingredient which helps regulate oil production.
Use the cream cleanser or the activated charcoal bar if you prefer a foaming cleanser. Finish off with the face cream. One of the lightest in texture face creams in our skin-care range, making it suitable for young teenage skin or oily skin types.


You can incorporate a face serum into your night routine as well.

2 step skin-care routines bundles

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