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Family Time ♥️

Family has been and always will be a huge reason for everything I do. I've been so lucky to share this journey with them and to also involve them in many aspects of my business. Now more than ever, I'm sure I am not the only one that worries about our little gems with a pandemic in play. Whilst reassuring the kids and keeping them protected seems to be the most natural way of dealing with it all, I have lately been thinking of other ways to approach this new "normal" way of life of masks and social distancing.

Pamper time at home during lockdown for the guys and gals x

At Mia Belle we created products for the whole family. Whilst most self care and skin care products are widely recognized as women's products, we know that every individual person, big or small needs something unique for them. We all usually look at the products we buy in depth, to the ingredients, price, even reviews! As we all know kids are visual and hands on little monkeys which is why we wanted to create a range that was fun for everyone.

As parents, we are constantly checking the ingredients of anything that goes onto our kids hair, skin and more especially into their bodies. It's important to us that Mia Belle is recognized as using the best certified organic and nature derived ingredients. We've designed and formulated a beautiful, gentle range of kids products that our precious ones can enjoy. From Bubble Baths to Shampoo Bars, we are constantly adding new products to all of our ranges and the kids are really something we want to focus on more this year.

Our products are gentle on skin and hair and easy to use, the little ones can enjoy being hands on and doing it themselves! We love getting pictures from our customers of their kids having a blast & using the shampoo bars. Not to mention the sleepovers with the kids in the bathtub having a play, soaking in the many bubbles our bath products create

Personally, our kids' products have given us an opportunity to pamper them silly, and have some fun! Pampering to most of us is relaxing in silence; to kids I think it's more of having fun and enjoying life in that moment. Spending time with family is the most simplistic joy in my life and we all create a stronger bond between us everyday, building each other's confidence, as well as creating memorable moments for us to enjoy and remember. The last couple of years has really brought this truth home to me; to value the relationships and connections we have around us.

Making family walks more fun during lockdown!

When times are tough and you are facing a new lifestyle in front of your family, it's important to be as positive as possible. Take a day with the family at the beach, or to the park and remember to breathe and enjoy these precious moments. They grow so fast and one day they will be at the park or beach with their own kids! In every situation there is a place and space to create something authentic and uplifting.

We all remember those long lockdowns that felt isolating and at times stressful, but we all were together as a family making the most of it and cultivating a feeling of safety and stability for each other. Baking a cake or cookies, playing hide and go seek 12 times a day or having a movie day with some popcorn, we all remember those times as the highlights and blissful moments of the last two years.

Live your best moments, create memorable times and be present to enjoy it all.

Cath xx

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