Natural perfume oil or perfume stick

Natural perfume oil or perfume stick
If you are looking at a more natural option for a perfume, these are a great option. These are natural fragrance blends created from essential oils. Pthalate free, silicon free and no harsh chemical but better and moisturising for your skin with one of the key ingredients being organic jojoba oil. Choose from a perfume oil in a glass vial with roller bottle applicator or a 10gram paper tube applicator - just push the perfume stick up from the bottom and it is ready to use.  Fragrances available in both liquid or solid perfume:Oceania -  lime, grapefruit, jasmine, rose and lemon. This fragrance is fresh yet sultry, summery warm and is reminiscent of being outdoors and near the ocean.Glow - sandalwood, vanilla bean, musk, lime and coconut (best seller)Allure - violet, clove, cinammon, grapefruit (suitable for evening)Beloved - sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine (best seller) Fragrances not available in the perfume stick.Cocolime - Best sellerPink Peony - PopularRose and Musk French Pear Pink Peony Want a custom blend?  - send us a message we would love to help!  Our fragrance oils are sourced from a reputable supplier and the organic essential oils we use are certified organic by Biogro NZ Ingredients: Jojoba oil (certified organic), Natural Vitamin E, Natural fragrance oil blends from essential oils, Dried flowers Directions: Apply behind the ears or on the wrists as often as required. Fragrance lasts for approx 3-4 hours. Test patch before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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