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Shampoo bar

Shampoo bars available have either damaged labels or don't meet the quality we need them to be to sell at full price.  We also have limited sample sizes available.  Stock have nothing wrong with their performance quality and still work the same as any of our shampoo bars.  


Currently available

Sample sizes assorted bars - approx 40grams each (no labels)

Sample sizes assorted fragrances - approx 60 grams each (no labels)

Royal shampoo bars full size frankincense scented - damaged stock 

Beloved shampoo bar - nothing wrong with these except there is more pink clay than our normal formula.

Fresh shampoo bar - we have phased out this scent 

Pineapple scented shampoo bar - old labels

Purple shampoo bar - these are from our old formula which didn't tone as well but works fine as a shampoo bar

Vanilla thick hair shampoo bars - no labels



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