Sample sizes face cleanser bars

Sample sizes face cleanser bars

Foaming clay beauty bar face cleanser

We have had plenty of requests of sample sizes since the beginning of selling our beauty bars. We are extremely excited to finally offer them!


These sample sizes are 20grams each. The shampoo and conditioner bars will last between 10 - 20 washes depending on the length of your hair. The face cleanser beauty bars will last up to 30 washes and lotion bars between 10-15 uses when used on legs, body and arms.


Perfect for travel if you don't want to take full sized beauty bars, ideal for the environment being zero waste with no plastic packaging.



Foaming clay beauty bar face cleansers

Pink clay - Rose Geranium/all skin types (best seller)

Purple clay - Lavender/ all skin types (best seller)

Yellow clay - sensitive skin/ Bergamot

Green clay - oily skin/Peppermint and Lime


Lotion Bars

Coconut and Vanilla

Pink Grapefruit


  • Care instructions

    To get the most out of your beauty bars please place on soap dishes in between use to dry.  Store in a cool dry place.  Lotion bars need to be wrapped in a beeswax wrap or container. 


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