We have these gorgeous looking sample packs available now to purchase which means you can trial an assortment of 6 of any of our shampoo and conditioner bars, our clay face cleanser bars and our lotion bars.  You can also try samples of our salon range shampoo and conditioner bars.  See the choices below.  Each sample pack comes with a flier with information on each product. A wonderful zero waste gift idea for a loved one and we can write a card if it is a gift. Please let us know.  


Each sample of shampoo, conditioner and face cleansers are 20 grams each and last up to 20 washes each so is a great trial time for each product or take them on your travels - no liquids to worry about!

The lotion bars are 15 grams each. 

1 x sample pack is $30, purchase 2 for $25 each. 


Choose ANY SIX of the products below

Shampoo and conditioner bars



Adore (not in stock)




Dandruff control

Oil balancing 


Kids shampoo bars (Lime or Vanilla) - shampoo bar only 


Salon range shampoo and conditioner bars

Beloved for normal hair types

Cocolime for fine hair types

Vanilla for thick hair types

Lavender for curly thick hair types


Face clay beauty bar cleansers

Pink clay for all skin types rose geranium

Purple clay for all skin types with lavender

Yellow clay for sensitive skin with bergamot

Green clay for oily skin types with peppermint and lime


Lotion bars (if you choose lotion bars you get both in the box) 

Coconut and Vanilla

Pink Grapefruit


For information on ingredients and each of the products listed above please check information under each individual listing.  Send us an email or chat if you have any questions.  


Mia Belle sample packs

1 sample pack only
  • Store your bars in a cool dry place and after each use, place them on a soap dish so they dry in between use.  


ph. 021 260 9600

e. miabellenz@gmail.com

message us.

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