This is a perfect pamper box to treat yourself or as a gift!   Allow yourself to indulge in the goodies in each of these boxes for the ultimate self care pamper treat!


Indulgence box 1 

1. Primrose & Co Chocolate 

Ethically Sourced, Single Origin, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Palm Oil Free

This 42% milk chocolate is hands down the best we have ever tasted! Creamy, soft, velvety smooth, it makes the taste buds salivate!

A natural, healthy, delicious way to get your happy buzz on.  Wrapped in limited edition re-usable beeswax wrap pouches also handcrafted by Primrose & Co, makes these a zero waste product!

Their chocolate is made using ethically sourced beans from around the world.   Primrose & Co are a sustainable New Zealand brand based in Wellsford.  


2. Mia Belle pink himalayan salt scrub in lime essential oil fragrance.  Exfoliate those dead skin cells away naturally and without harming the waterways with a natural salt scrub that will leave your skin glowing and feeling soft.  


3. Mia Belle deep cleanse clay masque.  Create a smooth paste with our rose hydrosol toner or just water and apply this deep cleanse masque on your face while relaxing in a hot bath or put your feet up while sipping a hot drink and some chocolate.  Rinse off thoroughly after the masque dries. 


4. Solid lotion bar sample.  Try a 20 grams sample of one of our solid lotion bars.  A moisturiser in a solid bar makes this a zero waste product.  Leaves your skin protected from loss of moisture and  your skin will smell amazing!


5. Revive shower steamer.  Don't have a bath?  Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of our revive shower steamer that will leave you refreshed and relaxed.  Allow the oils in the shower steamer to be activated on the floor of your shower as the water hits it releasing a pleasant aroma from the essential oils.  Lasts for approximately 10 minutes. 


Indulgence box 2 

1. Primrose & Co chocolate

2. Magnesium body lotion.  This body butter consistency lotion infused with magnesium oil will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed and aid in a relaxed and better sleep.  Top up your magnesium levels in your body with this lotion and experience it's benefits. (Choose which lotion - Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Jasmine Ylang ylang or Vanilla. ) 

3. Glow or Allure organic body oil.  An organic body oil can be used in replacement of a liquid lotion or body butter.  Glow has a jojoba and almond oil base and Allure has a cold pressed grapeseed and olive oil base.  Both high in nutrients for an antioxidant rich lotion that will help restore and renew your skin.  Both these oils go on lightly and absorb well. 


4.  Mia Belle bath bomb.   Who doesn't love a hot soak in a gloriously relaxing hot bath that just melts all tension away.  Our bath bombs are sulphate and palm oil free and are infused with essential oil fragrances that leave you with relaxing aromas as you indulge in your me time. 



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