Bye-bye headlice pack

Bye-bye headlice pack


Say goodbye to headlice with this natural headlice treatment pack. Natural, non-toxic, gentle on your child's scalp, ph balanced and infused with organic 100% therapeutic grade select essential oils.

Products also sold seperately. This treatment pack is available online here or at Rodney Wayne Shampoo and Things St Lukes Westfield Auckland.

1 stainless steel headlice comb
100ml hair and scalp treatment
1 shampoo bar
1 100ml repellent spray

Directions: Comb hair thoroughly to get all knots out before starting. Apply the solution to dry hair and scalp till well coated, dampen hair if needed to disperse through hair easier, massaging well into the scalp, and hair strands right to the ends. Comb again with a wide toothed comb. Let soak 10mins. Use the nit comb to remove headlice and eggs by combing from scalp to ends dividing scalp into sections so no hair strands are missed. Repeat till no lice or eggs are visible. Follow on by using the nit shampoo bar to wash hair thoroughly and the nit preventative spray in between treatments. Treatment must be consistent and thorough to help prevent headlice from re-infesting. Use daily till hair is clear of all headlice and eggs.
Test patch before using. If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.

Not recommended for use for children under 6months old or if you are pregnant. Consult a doctor or qualified aromatherapist before using these products.


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