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DIY Lipstick

Happy Monday!

Here's our diy lipstick video for those who want to try it and have the time 🥰

I use this on my eyelids, lips and cheeks.

Practical, simple and easy and quick to apply especially for every day wear 🙂 Apply with clean fingers or a lip brush. I am planning to make some additional shades and make them available for you to purchase 💜💋👄💄 Safe enough for teens to attempt if they wish! Just to break down the ingredients and what you need 🌼Stainless steel bowl 🌼Candelila wax (plant based wax palm oil free) or you can substitute with beeswax 🌼Castor oil 🌼Jojoba oil (Substitute any of these oils for any oils you have at home in your cupboard or use some butters) 🌼 Magnesium stereate (a natural occuring salt derived from stearic acid - I've used the palm oil free version) 🌼 Magnesium myristate (derived from myristic acid - naturally occurs in plants - I've used the palm oil free version) Improves the slip, consistency and adhesion (staying power) of the lipstick. 🌼 Vit E (prevents your plant oils from oxidizing. 🌼Pigment (Mica's and oxide) You can play with the pigments and mix some other colours you like.

Also add fragrance if you want or leave it unscented.

Any questions let us know and we are happy to help!

Where you can purchase ingredients:

Pure Nature, Zen Designs, Go Native are just some of the places you can purchase ingredients within New Zealand as they ship nationwide.

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