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Celebrating 5 years with no regrets!

Here's a throwback to my first ever market that I got accepted into back in April 2018. Parnell Craft Market. Thank you Lucy for the chance!

If you're a small business and wanted to get into and start at markets, you will know how hard it can be to get in due to waitlists, type of product you sell and did I say waitlists hehe, and persevering until you get accepted!

I tried for months! :)

I was so happy on this day just to get a chance and I've always been like this. The chances and opportunities I've been given by some beautifully hearted people on my business journey won't be forgotten. Did I sell much on this day? About a handful of bath bombs! But I was still so happy. We hear many of the success stories in business but let's be honest there are so many behind the scene lessons that occur that cost both time and money.

Sometimes it's better not to be so anchored on the outcome and focus on the fact that you tried in the first place. Review, refocus and restrategise.

Check out our old branding! Instead of cringing, I have decided to reflect on how far Mia Belle has come.

Cath xoxox

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